RE: Drosera Adelae culture
Tue, 21 Nov 95 16:37:35 PST


I have a D.Adelae in similar conditions, but wonder what and how to feed it.
What do you do?

Michael Livingston
NetCraft Software, Inc.

On Tue, 21 Nov 1995 11:11:50 -0800 Rick Walker wrote:
>> In particular how many foot candles of light does the plant require? How
>> many hours of light , What kind of soil , how wet, the humidity level ?
>> How big a pot ? Does it have periods of dormancy?
>I grow D.adelae and D.schizandra in nearly sealed, 10" diameter glass
>bowls in a dark window with southern exposure. At most, I get 20-50
>foot-candles, except for an hour or so when the sun directly makes
>it through the trees and hits the bowl just before sunset.
>The mix is 50% perlite/peat, top-dressed with pure peat for aesthetics.
>The soil is damp (like a wrung-out rag), but not wet enough for water to
>actually pool between the perlite grains. I only need to water every 2
>months or so. The humidity is nearly 100%.
>These plant *hate* having their leaves misted or touched.
>Plant them and leave them alone.
>> I'm on my second plant and it is doing the same thing and I've added more
>> lights to no avail.
>Oops. Cut the light down rather than raise it.
>Best regards,
>Rick Walker