Kevin Snively (
Mon, 20 Nov 1995 17:06:40 -0800 (PST)

>Date: Mon, 20 Nov 1995 13:09:25 -0800
>From: Davin Stewart/BSG <Davin_Stewart/>
>Subject: CP sites in Seattle?

>Ok. I'm going to be visiting some friends out in Seattle this weekend

I need a more exact definition of this weekend from you. I return
to work on Friday 11/24/95 @ 23:00 hrs PST. Friday I'll be
Sleeping until about 16:00 or 17:00

>I was hoping that someone could advise me about any must see CP sites.

Right now they are all dormant, some covered with snow.

>I would be very excited about seeing some Darlingtonia in the wild

The nearest sight I know of (The most northern known WILD location)
is about a 5 or 6 Hr. car drive one way from Seattle on the Oregon
coast, and I think you need to break a few speed limits to do it
in that time. It is also in a very poor state. The nature conservancy
owns it and they don't take care of it. The place is seriously
over grown by native & non-native species. The Darlingtonia
are being choked out. I still get pissed off at the nature
conservancy when I think about what they are doing there and
will no longer donate to them because of it.

>I would also love to check out any interesting collections and/or
>shops worth seeing.

My collection is open to you although you are warned My house is
a MESS! It has been getting dark locally at about 17:00 but you
will start noticing it getting that way around 16:30.

The In Door Sun Shop on 45th St. in the University dist. is the
best year round Store in town, But to get any thing special you
will need to visit one of us. I'll let Andrew, Bob and Tom speak
for them selves as far as making the offer to open their collections
to you.

>Does anyone know if the U. of Washington's greenhouse is worth
>checking out?

Yes it is. I don't know how it adds up globally but it is the best
we have locally. There is also an artificial display bog under
construction by PNWCPC chapter ICPS at the Rhododendron species
Foundation's garden in Federal Way.


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