Re: What are good Nepenthes for the Beginner?

Clarke Brunt (
Fri, 17 Nov 1995 22:26:27 +0000

On 16 Nov 95 at 16:34, wrote:

> I was wondering what you would recommend as to some Nepenthes that would be
> good for a beginner ? I don't have much space to grow my CP's in, so the
> small sized plants are preferred.

I've only got one Nepenthes of significant size - it's N. alata.
I got it from a garden centre earlier this year. It must be easy,
since I haven't given it any special treatment - it has spent parts
of the time since April in the bathroom, the greenhouse, or in the
house, and has been exposed to temperatures down to 45F/7C. Despite
this, it is still growing vigorously despite it being mid-Novemeber,
though it isn't pitchering as well as it was earlier in the year.
It's fairly small and suits a hanging pot. I don't know how big it
gets - probably the vines grow almost without limits, but I expect
I'll be trying cuttings once the weather gets warmer again.

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