Mail problems-Andrew in Belgium-Errors in Books take2

Wed, 15 Nov 1995 06:55:00 -0500


First of all - I appear to have been suffering mail problems
- I have not received some messages whilst I have received
duplicates of others. If anyone has sent me E-mail recently
that I have not replied to, please send the message
again.Indeed this is the second attempt to get this message

Andrew in Belgium, could you contact me please - I cannot
find an E-mail address for you.

For Gordon and any one else who is interested, here are some
errors I have noticed in some popular CP books:

Kondos book:

P139 the plant displayed as P.colimensis is
P.hemiepithytica. This plant was being circulated a year or
two back mislabelled as P.colimensis.

P157 U.capensis, correct name is U.bisquamata

P161 U.hookeri is U.benthamii

P.161 U.monanthos is U.nova-zealandiae

P170 U.nephrophylla is U.reniformis

P182 pictures U.volubilis - the photograph on the lower left
hand side is of U.inaequalis.

Slacks Insect -Eating Plants AHTGT

P126 Slack made the same error as Kondo displaying
U.reniformis as U.nephrophylla

Pietropaolo Carnivorous plants of the World:

Plate 5-1 Pinguicula vulgaris - this plant looks like
P.grandiflora to me.

Plate 5-4 Pinguicula longifolia - this also looks like
P.grandiflora though the camera angle is
rather awkward.

Kind regards.