Re: Re: Re: Nep. highland seedling fertilization

SCN User (
Tue, 14 Nov 1995 18:49:46 -0800

For many of the plants that I grow especially highlander and some of the
alpine varieties the plant shows a good robust rosette, full of pitchers
mainly in the spring and summer but a few retain the traps for over a year.
Some of the more easier highland varieties like N. sanguinea and its
relatives produce very large 12" pitchers on a mature plant with a two foot
leafspread. Yes I would say it's worth it to grow these varieties. For one
thing they use less heat than lowlanders. The heavily serrated peristome
of N. edwarsiana or spathulata along with the very dark reds of the N
sanguinea coupled with the massive flaired peristomes of N. maxima, fusca
or veitchii shows an impressive display throughout the year!

Tom Kahl/Nepenthes Club