VFT in Tampa

Tue, 14 Nov 95 11:51:22 EST

Hello everyone... I am back on the mailing list after being off for a
while. My former address was: TracieW@aol.com. For those who don't know me
or don't remember, I know live in Florida and have been growing CPs (at
least Pings for sure) for over 5 years. I am currently growing mature
plants of: Sarracenia purpurea, Sarracenia rubra, VFT, and several
mysterious Ping species that I cannot identify. I am glad to see that the
mailing list is just as interesting and informative as it was before. ;-)

Matthew from Tampa wrote about problems with his VFT. I just moved to
Florida a few months ago, so I am not sure how to grow VFTs in the winter
here. So far I have caught the suggestions to keep them a little less
moist in the winter months to promote dormancy and prevent rotting of the
plants and roots. I am certainly going to try that. I have several VFT
"babies" that I rooted over the summer and autumn (under flourescent
lighting) and I would certainly hate to take a chance on losing them.
Matthew, are you growing your VFT outside or indoors in a window? Did you
try growing them in a pan of water over the warmer months? This is good to
bring up humidity and keep them with enough water in the soil. Also, full
sun I have found to be important. Which is tough in at my place because of
all the trees. Shadows pop up everywhere and I find that I have to move
the plants several times a day to get good sun.

Let us know how things are going, Matthew. And feel free to drop me an
E-mail sometimes.


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