Re: CP fungicide options

Andreas Wistuba (A.Wistuba@DKFZ-Heidelberg.DE)
Tue, 14 Nov 1995 13:23:53 GMT+1

> Based on previous advice, have been using wettable Benomyl (Benlate)
> on my CPs with, unfortunately, mixed success. Managed to get some P.
> Caerulea seeds germinated before the parent succumbed to some sort of
> creeping rot .... anyway. Before I lose the youngin's ... anyone
> know a good backup? Or several good backups?

You do not get Benomyl here anymore since it was associated with
cancer (as far as I recall). However it should give no trouble with
your plants. I'm not 100% sure but I believe it should be taken as a
0,1% dilution.
What is a creeping rot?


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