Re: Re: CP digest 528

dave evans (T442119@RUTADMIN.RUTGERS.EDU)
Mon, 13 Nov 95 21:52 EST

> From: ThomasH598@AOL.COM
> 1. How deep do the roots on species such as S.Flava N.C. go
> such that I can allow adequate room (in depth of soil)?

Hmm... I'd say they could get 6-8 inches long or longer, I doubt
they would get longer than a foot.

> 2. How effectively will water travel up, or be absorbed by, soil consisting
> mostly of peat(with some perilite). In other words, if a pot is in a 3 inch
> dish, how tall can the pot be-6", 8,"12"?

Water will travel through peat very well so long as it is already wet
you should not have trouble with those dimensions. But if you are
worried, you can use a wick that goes right from pot into the water
but I'm not sure what material to use.

> I would like about 12" depth of soil, but do not know if this is overkill or
> to little.

I'm using a depth of about 30" of soil but I know that's overkill.
I did it so I don't have water. You could do well with that depth
of 12", if you go a little deeper you'll only get better results.

Dave Evans