Re: CP digest 528
Mon, 13 Nov 1995 21:18:57 -0500

This is a request for advice/information from all who wish to respond. It's
been awhile since I could interact as work has been EXTREMELY heavy for some
time. Because of this factor I am somewhat behind in preparations for winter
and next spring. Most importantly I am now planning a new structure to house
my pitcher plants. I will employ the concept of pots sitting in a tub of
water which will be absorbed as needed. This new structure will, however, be
in the form of a trough which will sit in a similar trough which is lower and
acts as a reservoir. The water level can be maintain in the lower trough
without saturating the main structure's soil. To determine the final
dimensions for construction several questions remain:
1. How deep do the roots on species such as S.Flava N.C. go
such that I can allow adequate room (in depth of soil)?
2. How effectively will water travel up, or be absorbed by, soil consisting
mostly of peat(with some perilite). In other words, if a pot is in a 3 inch
dish, how tall can the pot be-6", 8,"12"?

I would like about 12" depth of soil, but do not know if this is overkill or
to little.
I would enjoy any response, advice, or guidance from the community at large.
Thank you -Tom Hanley