CP digest 522

Johannes Marabini (Johannes_Marabini@fUe.maus.de)
Fri, 10 Nov 95 15:19:00 GMT

Hallo Jan,

>G.Kemul (or Dutch, Kemoel) is in Kalimantan (the Indonesian S part of
>Borneo), some distance E of the main mountain ridge which traverses the
>island +/- from N to S.

I was sure that G.Kemul is in Kalimantan, but where? Is ist near G.Raja or in

Danser wrote about Masters N.stenophylla, that this type was described from a
cultivated material and that there is no doubt, that they are one and the
same specie. Unfortunately I haven't resd Masters original discription
(could you send me copy?) an I haven't seen the type material.

Bye Johannes