URGENT Sarracenia Problem

Fri, 10 Nov 1995 08:37:48 +0930

I received a rather urgent telephone call last evening from a
small nursery in NSW (eastern Australia), so I thought I'd
broadcast the problem with the hope that we may be able to save a
few CPs.

The grower in question reported that all of his Sarracenia were
looking very ill and were getting worse very quickly.
Interestingly, the S. purpurea weren't affected as bad as the
rest. The symptoms include:

Yellowing of the leaves (similar to nitrogen deficiency)
Tops begin to die off
Rotting of the rhizome (the growing point is the last to go)
The demise of the plant

He has sprayed the plants with a number of systemic fungicides in
order to try and stop the rhizomes from rotting but hasn't seen
much success so far. He suspects the plants have less than 1 week
to live so if anyone has any experience with this sort of thing
then please let me know as quickly as possible. He obviously has
put a lot of effort into multiplying his stocks, it will be
devestating to sit back and watch them die.


PS I had him send me some plants here at work but they probably
won't arrive until after the weekend.