Fernando Rivadavia Lopes (ferndriv@usp.br)
Wed, 8 Nov 1995 12:31:36 -0300 (GRNLNDST)

I remeber someone asked about transplanting N.khasiana. I just
wanted to say that a few years ago I had a beutiful, large N.khasiana
which I decided to transplant to a larger pot and cut off a few branches.
I'm not sure if I cut off some roots or if it was just because of the
actual transplant, but the plant has never recovered it's full beauty.
Well, it's true that along the way there were some other problems too.
For example, I moved all my CPs to a greenhouse at my university and
N.khasiana seems to not have liked the habitat change. Apparently, it
liked better the full sun it used to get at my house. Also, while I was
way from Sao Paulo, on one of my CP hunts around 2 years ago, the gardners
at my university forgot to water my plants and this N.khasiana almost
croaked again (while all of my Heliamphora DID croak!).
In summary, just be careful with the roots of N.khasiana when
transplanting it, since they seem to be quite sensitive.