CP digest 517

Johannes Marabini (Johannes_Marabini@fUe.maus.de)
Sun, 05 Nov 95 15:34:00 GMT

Hallo ,

>The picture (drawing) in DANSER was prepared after the original material=

>from G.Kemul (L!, BO).

Where is G.Kemul in Borneo?

I think the description of N.fusca by Danser is clear, although he gave o=
one location: G. Kemoel. There are some differences between the types fou=
on G. Kinabalu, Tambunan Road, G.Trus Madi and Murud. But if you think of=

the differences between the many types of N.mirabilis we can close them
under N.fusca.

The nearness to N.maxima ist obvious at the first sight. But if you have =
look under the lid you will see the clear difference: the glandular crest=

and the glandular boss. The latter you will find only at N. maxima and at=