Re: Drosera Hybrids

Phil (
Sun, 05 Nov 1995 16:21:04 GMT


> 1. _D.intermedia * rotundifolia_
> The distribution and identity of the supposed hybrid _D.intermedia *
> rotundifolia_ (D.*beleziana) is subject to some debate. E.g. DIELS
> did no= t believe that the type of D.(*?)beleziana is really a hybrid
> (he thought i= t might be a form of _D.intermedia_). Experiments
> performed in the UK to produce the hybrid artificially (in either
> direction) have failed, and th= e hybrid does apparently not exist
> (spontaneously) in Britain. If we interpret these data to one
> extreme, it could even be supposed that this hybrid does not exist (?)
> in Europe. I do not know the situation in Ameri= ca (which seems to
> be somewhat different!).
Sorry to contradict you but I have seen the hybrid D. x beleziana
growing in many of the Dorset and Hampshire bogs here in the UK. The
plants are quite easy to find where D. intermedia and D. rotundifolia
are growing. They appear (from memory) to be part way between the two
parents in appearance having smallish rosettes with semi upright
elongated leaves.

I suppose that it is possible that these plants are merely a different form
of D. intermedia as stated by DIELS but I would view this as highly contentious
given that I have only found these plants growing in proximity to the supposed

Phil Wilson