Re: D. rotundifolia X D. linearis

Michael.Chamberland (23274MJC@MSU.EDU)
Fri, 03 Nov 95 19:36 EST

> Reason I forwarded to the group:
> This growth habit is much more like D.intermedia than D.rotundifolia.
> The latter likes the soil well drained and enjoys shade. What
> conditions does D.linearis enjoy? The point I'm trying to make is
> from what Dean says about D.anglica's wild habits, it doesn't
> seem that D.rotundifolia would one of the parents...
> Dave Evans

I have found D. linearis growing in interdunal swales along the coast of
northern Michigan. Every location I found for D. linearis also had
D. rotundifolia, usually in a slightly different microhabitat. The
D. linearis tended to grow in wet substrate or was partly submerged, while
D. roundifolia grew on slightly higher mounds of plant material and/or at
the edges of the "bog". In one site I found a couple plants of intermediate
morphology, presumably hybrids between these two (no other Drosera species
were found nearby).

Michael Chamberland