Peltata, Nepenthes

Paul Seymour (
Sat, 4 Nov 1995 09:48:46 +1100 (EST)

>You (and others) keep referring to: "the typical wiry stem". I have been
>unable to get a picture of this plant. It sounds very intriguing. Are the
>leaves on the stem very different from the ground rosette? I assume that it
>blooms from the stem. Or is that the natural mature habit of the plant and
>it blooms from the rosette?


D. peltata looks similiar to D. ariculata, except not quite as tall and a
little greener. From seed my plants form stems in their first season. The
plants flower from the top of the stem. I have found D. ariculata even easy
to grow than D. peltata - I've seen it growing like a weed amongst D. binata
in Stanwell N.P (NSW). I have not seen D. peltata growing in the wild,
though it is supposed to be fairly common.

Can anyone give me some advice on my N. khasiana. Last year it was around
10cm high, now it is over a meter! I had heard that Nepenthes don't have
particulary extensive root systems. This plant is in a pot 30cm X 25cm and
roots are coming out the bottom. Is there anything to be gained by
repotting it? Also, it is flowering - should I let it? Are cuttings from
this plant the same sex as the parent? How hard is it to determine the sex
of a plant (can you do it before flowering)?


Paul Seymour(