Re: D. rotundifolia x D. intermedia

dave evans (T442119@RUTADMIN.RUTGERS.EDU)
Thu, 02 Nov 95 17:39 EST

> From: CBelan9630@AOL.COM
> David Butler wrote about a field trip he took to the NJ Pine Barrens
> where he discovered the plants in CPN I think in one of the 1985
> volumes or so, I will have to look it up. In the meanwhile, I visited
> the site and found a few more. It seems this hybrid is very common
> (we found it all over the place), and it is very easy to pick out.
> Its sheer size is very impressive. We found plants with 4-5 inches in
> diameter! They were absolutly huge!
> Christoph


I've been tromping through the Pine Barrens for years now, though
it is much more recently that I got into CP. I remember seeing D.
intermedia growing in/on this river we (a group from my father's job)
were canoing down, thinking 'wow what kinda plant was that!?' After
I got into CP, I realized that the Pine Barrens are full of CP!
The D.intermedia from the P.B. is really small but you can find
some large plants now and then that are about 4 maybe 5 inches.
What does this hybrid look like? I have a plant that is fairly
close to D.rotundifolia but when new leaves grow, they stay up
at an angle for quite some time before they lay down on the ground.
I can tell that this plant is not D.rotundifolia but rather a
hybrid but I'm unsure of the other parent, but it seems it would
have to be D.intermedia. Does anyone know if this is it?

BTW, what does the hybrid D.rotundifolia * D.filiformis look like?

Dave Evans