Re: VFT forms-Trade
Mon, 30 Oct 1995 08:51:59 -0500

Dear Tom:

Would love to trade our buy your VFT forms. I already have all red VFT.
Here' what I have to trade:

D. capensis
S. flava, alata, and hybrid leuco. x psit. (very nice)
P. Macrophylia

Please advise what you'd be interested in.

Dan Dembicki

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>Subj: VFT forms
>Date: 95-10-28 17:30:00 EST
>From: (Kristin L. Mott)
>To: (Multiple recipients of list)
>My name is Tom Hayes and I have a limited number of several
>vft forms available for trade/sale. I prefer to trade however.
>Please send a list of what you have available for trade and I will
>send you a copy of my list.
>Take care & keep on growing,
>-Tom- & Krissy
>p.s. And to those who have not had the chance to check out the CP home
> page...... You are really missing out!
>My hat goes off to Rick Walker for doing such a great job.
>And while you are there, Check out Barry's and Andreas's home pages. WOW!
>Isn't it amazing what we can do with computers? Haven't had much time to
>really explore all the sites, but I can see myself wasting a LOT of time in
>there. Christoph: Looking forward to the development of your home page....