VFT forms

Kristin L. Mott (klmott@planetx.bloomu.edu)
Sat, 28 Oct 1995 18:13:54 -0400

My name is Tom Hayes and I have a limited number of several
vft forms available for trade/sale. I prefer to trade however.
Please send a list of what you have available for trade and I will
send you a copy of my list.

Take care & keep on growing,

-Tom- & Krissy

p.s. And to those who have not had the chance to check out the CP home
page...... You are really missing out!

My hat goes off to Rick Walker for doing such a great job.

And while you are there, Check out Barry's and Andreas's home pages. WOW!
Isn't it amazing what we can do with computers? Haven't had much time to
really explore all the sites, but I can see myself wasting a LOT of time in
there. Christoph: Looking forward to the development of your home page....