Re: Re: Pygmy Sundews
Fri, 27 Oct 1995 08:34:15 +0930


>The one species I have was labelled D. callistos when I got
>them. Do yours have salmon colored flowers, and what sort of
>conditions, swampy or well-drained, do they prefer?

D. callistos, unless I am very much mistaken, has very large
orange flowers!

>They have flowered already, but have not produced gemmae in over
>a year. I'm also confused as to whether they go dormant during
>the summer in the southern or northern hemisphere.

These plants go dormant in summer in the southern hemisphere
(sh). They produce gemmae during the winter (in the sh) then
flower and then go dormant. I am surprised that your plant has
not produced gemmae as all pygmy Drosera produce gemmae. Do
plants in the northern hemisphere (nh) go dormant during the nh