Re: RE: Nepenthes

dave evans (T442119@RUTADMIN.RUTGERS.EDU)
Thu, 26 Oct 95 17:00 EDT

> From: Oliver T Massey CFS <massey@HAL.FMHI.USF.EDU>
> Perhaps the Nep growers can offer some insight. I have one hybrid
> that has produced weird growth; mainly small, ragged edged and
> somewhat thickened leaves with smaller distorted pitchers. One or
> two of the small pitchers have unusual hairs growing from them. This
> plant also was going into flower. Lower leaves were not affected and
> basal rossettes so far look fine. I have removed and discarded the
> top of the plant. This is a complex hybrid (I think Jan mentioned
> the official name as tutti-fruitti -Ha) Question is, I hate to
> discard the whole plant but if this is some kind of plant pathogen
> that may contaminate my other Neps I will. Is is possible that
> flowering induced changes in this plant?

Tom, does this hybrid happen to involve N.ventricosa? Spidermites
just love this plant and it's hybrids for some reason. Also they will
attack the new growth so you wouldn't see anything happening to
old leaves. They seem very species specific in my collection so
I just moved all the N.ventricosa-ish plants to a new location for
treatment, though all the plants are getting Safer's Soaped once a
week... They are hard to see and I've never even seen the webs they
are supposed to make.

Dave Evans