RO unit
Thu, 26 Oct 95 5:23:54 

Hi Folks,
Need some information on RO (Reverse Osmosis) units. I plan to purchase a RO
unit to help with watering my cps and other tropical plants. Right now I use
only rain water for the lot, but this summer found myself running out of
water quit often and found my self running all over the neighborhood taking
peoples AC (Air Condition) water. Anyway, my main water supply for my house
is well water. This water is loaded with all kinds of minerals, iron and
stuff, which is not to healthy for plants. I have talked with a couple of
local businesses that carry RO units and they claim that I need to add a
water softener to my well water prior to hooking up a RO unit. Water
softeners do soften the water, but they can also add salt to the water,
depending on what unit you use. I'm sure they mean well and all that, but all
I am looking for is just a small RO unit that will produce about 10 to 20
gallons of water a day or less, without having to buy or rent a water
softener unit. Is there a RO unit out there, that someone knows about, that
will handle well water by it self?, if so, let me know and where can one
purchase it. I also would like to keep the price under $150.00, if can do.
The more money I spend on an RO unit takes money away from purchasing CP
plants. I do have my priorities you know.

Charles Brewer

Virginia Beach, Virginia