flogging a dead horse

Andrew Marshall (andrewm@eskimo.com)
Wed, 25 Oct 1995 18:21:05 -0700 (PDT)

Hello folks,
At the risk of becoming a social pariah (don't write to him, he's the one
who blasted us for blasting each other when we should have been blasting
some one a bit more worth while) get my drift...
So whats with all the venomous chest beating, posturing etc. We all
should know each other well enough by now to know each other pretty well.
If you know what I mean. I have been corresponding with many of you for
years and even though there are many out there I don't know, I'm sure
that some one I know knows you. I don't understand why the emotion.
and in case anybody is lost by now, I am refering to the getting rather
heated exchanges over bog destruction, habitat loss, collecting in the
wild ad nauseum.
Even though we are obviously not all the same, we all stand for pretty
much the same ideals. At least I should hope so.
And don't get me wrong. I'm all in favor of learned debate but there
comes a point when the debate must stop and action must begin. I think
that point is well and truly reached, judging by the heat that radiates
from my screen at times. Its all to easy to sit semi-anonimously behind
a keyboard and blow hot air at each other but as has been pointed out
already once. IT SOLVES NOTHING. how about turning all of that energy
towards your local and national representatives. After all they really
want that title, make them represent some thing instead of sitting around
guzzling up the tax dollars. We pay the buggers so we should yell at
them not each other.
Now I don't know off hand how to get into the web but I do have a phone,
a pen and pad of paper. no excuse for not getting on with it except that
I'm here telling you all about it. So I will stop!
ON an entirely DIFFERENT subject. a few clues about water. Take this
with what ever as I am blessed with abundant perfect for cp tap water as
well as most of the time exceedingly abundant supplies of rain. Which
brings me to my point. A few 30 gallon plastic trash cans with screens
on to keep out the falling debris, placed under one a piece your down
spouts will fill up in no time flat during a reasonably good rain storm.
In fact if you don't empty them they will over flow quite rapidly.
Save those plastic 1 gallon water/milk jugs to fill with this water and
voila clean water and lots of it. We are all entering the wet season so
we should be able to store lots. I do up to 1500 gallons at a time. I
use the standing water as a heat sink in my greenhouse until I get around
to emptying the Barrels. Yes I also store water in 30 gallon trash
can/barrels. don't know any where that the rain fall is insufficient
enough, except where you are Barry perhaps, to at least get some water
down. And I don't know of any rain water that is bad for cp. Give it a
try. its cheaper then ro units, bottled water etc. just make sure that
the 30 gallon bins are water proof. of the 25 I bought 5 had holes in
the bottom to small to see until the weight of the enclosed water split
and now I really will stop!
no hard feelings eh, just tired of all the dead horse flogging going on.
Good Growing