endangered bogs national park

Steven Klitzing (stevek@informix.com)
Wed, 25 Oct 1995 08:23:48 -0700

Okay, if you guys are worked up about habitat destruction, why don't you
convince the federal government to set up a huge marsh area somewhere as
"CP National Park". Then, in every place that's going to get bulldozed,
you all get together and have a CP raiding party (with permits) and
transplant all the endangered stuff to "CP National Park". Find some old
farmland in Georgia that's all played out, and get Jimmy Carter to figure
out how to get it declared a national park. You can all have fun setting
fires to clear out the brush that might endanger the CPs. So, not only
CP enthusiasts can have fun, but pyromaniacs and arsonists as well. This
would be the only national park where the careless setting of forest fires
is not only permitted, but encouraged. "Please start forest fires, signed,
CP the Bear." You can have all kinds of fun setting up micro environments
for different species. You can even give some of those areas interesting
names like "El Drosera", "Half Dionea", and "Sarracenia Gorge". Then, build
a lodge to attract visitors and give it some Indian CP name. Of course,
you can have a gift shop that sells PEZ dispensers that look like Venus
Fly Traps (each trap containing a pez).

Seriously, with so much habitat destruction, it's about time someone put
together a national CP reserve where we don't have to lose any more plants
but instead give them a new home. I'd be willing to start it, but I need
a billion dollars or so.