Re: Why can't I use REAL water...

Oliver T Massey CFS (
Wed, 25 Oct 1995 09:08:31 -0400

> OK, for my plants in my terrarium, and my little plants on the
> windowsill I
use distilled water, so
> that the evil salts don't get them. Rumor has it that these evils
> will build
up in the soil, and kill
> the plants.
> Question: are CPs particularly sensitive to salt(s) buildup? (Since
> my
_ordinary_ houseplants
> don't seem to mind)?
> Why do I ask???
> Well, I'm going to put in a RO unit for the humans here, and it dumps
> about
20 gallons a day in
> "waste" water making its 5 gallons/day. Hopefully, there will be a
> way to
_not_ flush this down
> the sewer! Like, put the water into a man-man bog with CPs in it!!!
> But will it work? Will _bad_ things abound in the moss, and kill the
plant(s). Is there a way to
> compensate (i.e., flush out the stuff)?
> Any thoughts will be appreciated. -BJ

Well, I use an RO unit, not for human consumption but for my CP's -shows
you where my priorities are, -:) The waste water I usually let drain
down into my ferns and sagos. I dont' think Sarrs. would like the
waste water at all, maybe Neps wouldn't mind (altho my Neps get RO water

Tom in Fl