Re: Dionaea (VFT) dormancy

Phil Semanchuk (
Tue, 24 Oct 95 23:38:21 0100

> This sounds pretty close to the conditions I give my
> vft over the winter. They don't go completely
> dormant on my windowsill, but they slow done their
> growth dramatically. I don't think refrigeration is
> necessary unless you can't provide cool conditions,
> and it sounds like you will not have any problem
> providing that.

Wayne, I'm sure you know but forgot to mention that VFT dormancy
is also triggered by shorter daylight hours as well as cool temps.

For those of you who feel you're not already spending enough time
on the Internet, you can follow the weather in Wilmington NC which
is VFT habitat. Check out daily temps, rainfall, etc via:
and clicking on "Special Information" under "Triangle Area Weather".
>From there click on "Climatology Report Daily (Wilmington)".

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