Aldrovanda and algae

Michael.Chamberland (23274MJC@MSU.EDU)
Tue, 24 Oct 95 17:47 EDT

> So if you are interested in Aldrovanda cultivation, Christian would
> like to correspond with you. And I wouldn't mind hearing from you
> either. How have you all been doing with the Aldrovanda? Any one
> flowered it yet? I have had good though thanks to the erratic weather
> erratic growth also, with no flowers. The plants that I grew in the
> green house did ok, a bit scrawny but the plants I grew outside are
> robust and very dark green. I had a bit of problems with the
> filimentacious algae but after I introduced some U. macrorhiza into the
> tub the algae went after it insted. With the U. now in turions I
> removed the dead U. growth along with the algae that was on it and no
> more algae (until next year)

Hey now that's a new one; using aquatic Utricularia as an algae magnet!
Certainly does underscore the attraction of pesky algae to the Utrics.
I've found an infusion of pond water helps to keep back the algae. The
water comes with an infusion of microfauna which will "browse" off algal
growth. But this never lasts for more than a few months, and then the
algae wins... and the Utrics loose...

Michael Chamberland