Re: Leuo bog... Gone! (long)

Carl Mazur (
Mon, 23 Oct 1995 22:37:15 -0400 (EDT)

> Please, with the same vigor and conviction that you write to us,
> write to your government representatives (and get your friend to do
> so too). You can even do it online -- go to:
> and click on "Congressional Directories" under "House of
> Representatives" for "Listings of phone and fax numbers to
> Congresspeople and Senators." It includes email addresses. And
> while you're in cyberspace, visit Bob Dole online
> ( and let him know what you think. And while
> you're at it, tell him that I think he's a chowderhead.
> Speaking of chowderheads, what is the name of the paper company
> that did the dastardly deed?
> --
> Phil
> (
> Save the Earth - shoot yourself.
Thanks for the above sites! I quess I can tell those "chowderheads" how
I feel. To answer your question, I believe the company was IPC, however
I'm not sure! I'm just going on second hand information.