Re: Trip Report, CP books again

Jan Schlauer (
Fri, 20 Oct 1995 10:16:51 +0100

Hi Scott and Dave,

>> I'm not a taxonomist, but I always thought Sarracenia and Bromeliads were
>> monocots, and that the Scrophularaceae were dicots. If so, the
>> classification system depicted here is inaccurate. Jan, anyone, pls
>> contradict me if I'm wrong.
>Sarracenia are dicots, though every now and then I see three cotyledon
>on seedlings.

Yes. Sarraceniaceae are dicots, Bromeliaceae are monocots, Scrophulariaceae
are dicots.

>Page 86: The 'Helios' in Heliamphora means 'sun' in Greek, not 'marsh', as
>stated in the text.

Wait a minute! How does write BENTHAM (the inventor of the name of
_Heliamphora_, in Trans.Linn.Soc.18:432, 1840):

"... _Heliamphora nutans_, of which I have derived the generic name from
helos (spiritus asper, epsilon, lambda, omikron, sigma), a marsh, and
amphoreus (alpha, my, phi, omikron, rho, epsilon, ypsilon, sigma), a

Sorry to all Hellenists that I am not able to ASCII-code the Greek letters
more conveniently.

Kind regards