RE: heather frederick
Fri, 20 Oct 95 17:29:34 PDT

Hi Jim,

Davin here, just saw the posting and figured I'd get a quick note back to
ya. Heather received the 386Dx33 Motherboard okay along with 4 1Mb simms.
They were ripped out of an old pc down here so should be alright. Also
included is the modem and power supply. I also sent up 6 more 1Mb simms so
you'll definitely have no problems with getting a machine up with at least
4Mb of Ram preferable 8Mb provided everything goes okay. I'm still working
on a larger harddrive. I'm intending to change a 420 I have with a friend
for her 240 as she's running a bit low on space and I'd imagine 240Mb will
probably be an overkill for the society anyway. I'll let ya know when its
been sent.

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