Re: heather frederick

Oliver T Massey CFS (
Thu, 19 Oct 1995 09:13:22 -0400

> Next point, has anybody else out there had experience/problems with
> virus in Nepenthes. Ric Maulder/Bruce Salmon/Dean Waters destroyed a
> lot of plants last year because of suspected virus. I'm stubborn so I
> sent a sample off for analysis before I did anything so radical. The
> plant I sent for testing was one we got as N. x ventrata from Phil
> Cotter, which Ric renamed N. ventricosa and used as the female parent
> for many of the hybrids he has made.
> The report I got back from the lab stated that they had found 'rod
> shaped virus in the tissue but no infection occured with indicator
> plants'. Do Nepenthes carry virus naturally without showing ill effects
> until cultural conditions are less than ideal. Are wild collected
> plants free from virus? (We only noticed virus symptoms on Neps after
> wild collected plants had been introduced to our collections.) Has
> anybody else had Neps virus tested? Has anybody else noticed virus
> symptoms on Neps?

What are virus symptoms for Neps?
> Cheers
> Heather