Re: Barry's ruminations
Wed, 18 Oct 1995 18:21:58 -0400

Barry ! (and all other concerned CP'er)

- I agree whole heartedly with you on not collecting plants from the wild.
The best way I see is to increase the availability of plants for the
collector. In my own personal experience I've had to get most of my CP's
from fellow collectors (indeed I once sent you e-mail pestering you for some
plants) My biggest increase in species was some seeds sent me from the other
side of the planet by a very kind fellow collector ! It has taken me
nearly six months to even get a good list of commercial suppliers. It is
nearly impossible for someone without a computer to find suppliers, the
only one that I could find was a tiny Peter Paul's ad in the back of a
Horticultural magazine. A local plant shop near me only sells VFT's that
they like to display in a water tray with marble chips.

I seriously doubt that many people want to travel for any distance to wade
out into a swamp just to dig up a plant that they could buy inexpensively.

We as fellow CP'er need to bug our commercial suppliers to increase the
availability of these unique plants to the general public. I feel that if
they advertise more they will see great profits and benefit the hobby as
Well, thanks for listening.....