Larry Oden-PC (Larry.Oden-pc.0192938@nt.com)
16 Oct 1995 08:42:36 -0400

Subject: Time: 8:39 =
OFFICE MEMO Hello! Date: =

Not sure who this is going to reach, but I got this address from the Nov. =
'95 issue of Computer Life. I'm into carnivorous plants, but am very =
'green' with them (no pun intended)! Just thought I'd drop a note to =
whomever this may reach and get some info on the group. I'm always =
interested in new information about my plants!
Currently I own fly traps and one each of the following: S. minor, S. =
psittacina (sp?), S. purpurea, S. rubra, and Cephalotus. I don't have =
room for any more right now, I'm trying to sell my small condo and buy a =
house so I can set up a greenhouse. In the meantime, I'm content with wha=
t I have. Anyway, if anybody gets this message, I'd enjoy a reply!
Larry Oden (larry.oden-pc@nt.com)