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Sun, 15 Oct 95 15:04 BST-1

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>Very slow-moving robotics, according to a documentary which aired
>here earlier this year.... what's equally amazing is the fact that they
>actually built a roof & walls around some sections of terrain that
>they were photographing (for example, the bluebell wood), so that
>fluctuations in weather & light didn't detract from the
>sequences.. you'd never guess from looking at the finished edits, but
>many sequences were actually shot "indoors" under banks of artificial

At the time, a number of sources suggested that most of the filming was
in studios (Jeremy Cherfas is a fellow CIXen). Amazing thought, but a
recent short documentary (?the same one; I think this one was a Simon
King one) showed them taking the studio to the wood...

Any David Attenborough program is worth watching - whether its about
plants or not. His Wildlife-on-One on Meerkats changed Britain's view
of the creatures, from ignorance to a strange sort of cult figure!

They are working on a similar epic (to The Private Life), but on
Birds at the moment