Winters for U. resupinata and Sarracenia.
Thu, 12 Oct 1995 20:19:39 -0400

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> well done flowering the U.resupinata - I will aim to keep
> mine cool over Winter. I was surprised by your approach of
> keeping the plant drier over Winter. My instinct would have
> been to grow it under some what deeper water during Winter
> as I would imagine that the areas it lives would receive
> higher rain fall and flooding at that time of year. Have I
> been under some false assumptions?

These are very valid assumptions. However, having seen this specie in the
wild - not far from my parents' house in the NJ Pine Barrens there is one
more factor that makes it dryer. The winter is very cold and for a period of
a few monthes the surface of the soil freezes solid to depth of a few inches.
This is all te plant needs to be dry since the plant grows at the same level
as the water.

BTW, I grow my Sarracenia in same climate and they don't mind freezing solid
to temps well below freezing for extended period of times. They do hate the
constant thaw this will push the plants out of the
medium. To prevent this I cover the plants with shade cloth all winter to
keep it frozen.