More on Utrics

Thu, 12 Oct 1995 09:18:00 -0400



best of luck with the seeds - let things get nice and hot!

Re U.dunlopii and dunstaniae, I have tried seed of both of
these so far without success. However a couple of guys in
the UK did get these to germinate earlier this year and a
pot full of flowering U.dunlopii was brought along to a
meeting at Reading University. The flowers are far larger
than the drawings in Taylor would suggest. I am determined
to try again - I think I will have ago with GA3 to speed
things along a little. Anyone else tried GA3 with some of
these stubborn Aussie Utrics?


stratification for Genlisea!!!!!!! Perhaps this is why I
have never been too lucky with these - obviously time to
modify my approach! BTW G.lobata is alive and kicking in a
few UK collections - I guess they must like the
unpredictable UK weather. Ever tried GA3 on these anybody?


well done flowering the U.resupinata - I will aim to keep
mine cool over Winter. I was surprised by your approach of
keeping the plant drier over Winter. My instinct would have
been to grow it under some what deeper water during Winter
as I would imagine that the areas it lives would receive
higher rain fall and flooding at that time of year. Have I
been under some false assumptions?