Re: Re: Growing Darlingtonia

dave evans (T442119@RUTADMIN.RUTGERS.EDU)
Wed, 11 Oct 95 19:22 EDT

> From: klmott@PLANETX.BLOOMU.EDU(Kristin L. Mott)
> Rick,
> Sounds like an awful lot of work for one species.......
> -Tom- & Krissy

Tom this might be a good method for growing Heliamphora species out-
side in full sun after and before frost is threatening. Just move the
pots into the soil the Darlingtonia are growing in. I'm sure it would
take some tinkering around to get it right though. This could be a real-
ly good solution for these cool loving plants. BTW, the H. heterodoxa
that died on me did so after being in +85 F. degree temps for something
like four months and the the four weeks right before it died were in the
upper 90's continuously. That's right about the same time most of my
Darlingtonia also died. I remember lying in bed at four in the morning,
still sweating, thinking 'their all gonna die, their all gonna die...'
Saddly, that wasn't far from the truth. You got real lucky w/ the
Heliamphora this year.

I think I'll try Rick's heat begone solution for both genera. It
is alot of work but for one species but it would be windfall for
me, and others I suppose, if Heliamphora like it too. I guess if
you have a greenhouse with a swampcooler, you could simply place
these plants right infront of it where they could chillout also.

Dave Evans