Re: Re: Nepenthes hybrids

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Tue, 10 Oct 1995 20:54:53 -0700

I find that like Joe Mazrimas wrote on Nepenthes in a CPN article some
years back a 12 hour photoperiod promotes pitcher developement. The day-
length here in Seattle can vary from a low of 8 hours in the winter to a
high of 16 hours in the summer if the sun comes out!
What I see with the Nepenthes is a flush of pitcher growth as it gets
closer to the spring equinox then developement is slowed towards the high of
the summer with another flush towards the fall equinox with very little
or none thru the winter.
Year after year its been the same but some varieties tend to pitcher
greater at certain times of the year. For example I get alot of pitchering
on varieties from Mindinao later in the season. Some of the Malasian
ones throw out a brust early in the spring.
As I said I get the oddball that flowers whenever. For example in the
spring i may have a half dozen male spikes in bloom but only one female
but can cross all on that one spike if the timing is right. Timing is
the headache. I have for some waited from seed to flower 10 years and
thirty feet later just to get a flower and be off by a week with the
opposite flower. Oh well maybe next year. I've tried storing pollen
but so far have only one cross and that I have not confirmed yet until
the plant gets some size to verify. Truly Tom Kahl/Nepenthes Club.