RE- Utric germination
Wed, 11 Oct 1995 08:35:06 +0930

>Thus Autumn/Winter germination may be expected from such
>S.Australian plants. In tropical (Northern) Australia
>the opposite applies with the wet season corresponds to the
>hot and humid Summer months perhaps explaining the
>germination of U.triflora and U.limosa in late UK Summer
>after a couple of months baking at between 30 and 45
>degrees C in my conservatory .

Loyd, here's hoping that my U. uliginosa and U. limosa are going
to be nice and germinate during the summer too. I suspect that
this may also be the case for U.dunstaniae and U. dunlopii. Well,
I can only hope!

WRT seed germination, it is well documented that environmental
factors, such as day-length, temperature, seed position in the
inflorescence (and a lot of others), can determine the seed
germinability of many species of plants. I am not sure if any of
these factors have been studied in CP but it may explain why
germination of seeds is sometimes eratic. I wonder how plants
grown under lights compare to outdoor plants?