Tuberous Drosera

Russell Elliott (
Tue, 10 Oct 1995 16:19:09 +0930 (CST)

Clarke ( & Others )

Sorry I haven't replied sooner, I haven't had a chance to get at my machine.

Yes, the Tuberous Drosera here in Australia are now reaching the end of
their season, while the other CP's are just emerging and flowering. The
VFT's began moving last week, when I trimmed off most of their flower
stalks. I'm trying to strike these stalks, as last year I had a lot of
success with them, and ended up with quite a few new plants.
I sprayed with Pyrethrum a few days ago to control aphids, and these
green looper caterpillars which were wreaking havoc on my Drosera. I
accidently splashed some on my Sarracenia flowers, and it has caused the
flowers to either die, or develop strange brown streaks. Some have also
opened when the stalk was only 5 cms long. Anyone else had this trouble?

Bye For now,

Russell Elliott