dave evans (T442119@RUTADMIN.RUTGERS.EDU)
Mon, 09 Oct 95 19:54 EDT

Hi CPer's,

I'm looking at a photo of David Attenborough standing behind what
appears to be a N.rajah. The neat thing about it is the tendril to
the pitcher starts about 3/4 of way to the leaf tip and just drops
off the underside of the leaf at that point. I've heard this is
characteristic of N.clipeata and only N.clipeata. So what gives?
It's N.rajah for sure-looks just like the photos in Cheers' second
book that go with N.rajah notes. BTW, did anyone notice that some
of the photo labelled as N.villosa in that same book are really N.
rajah instead?

Dave Evans

P.S. The newpapers Daily News says to 'be recorded and treasured'
of "The Private Lives of Plants" series. We shall see tonight...