Re: Re: artificial light for Heliamphora and others?

dave evans (T442119@RUTADMIN.RUTGERS.EDU)
Mon, 09 Oct 95 17:35 EDT

> Dear Peter,
> you wrote:
> > Now my question is: what kind of tl tubes are the most useful to overwinter
> > for example my Heliamphora's.
> I use the cheapest tubes I can get an these are daylight types (I do
> not use warmwhite types).
> Andreas

Here the U.S.A. the daylight type bulbs cost lot more than the cool or
warm tubes. No matter what tubes you use, though, go with a combination
of different type. This way you will still get a decent spectra even
after the tubes have aged some. Try two daylight bulbs or two sho 'n
gro (gives off a pink/purple light) along with two cool whites. This
way the plants will get enough light but you won't go as broke giving
it to them. I wouldn't use warm whites on Heliamphora since they'd
like more blue and I don't think they are that good for plants anyway.

Dave Evans