artificial light for Heliamphora and others?
Mon, 09 Oct 1995 11:26:30 +0100


now when summer is leaving and winter is coming.
I have to take precautions to prevent plants from being freezed.
One precaution will be that for example my Heliamphora's will be taken
inside in a terrarium with artificial light.
My question now is what type of tl tubes are the most useful?
I read some other posts about this message but these weren't very clear to me.
What I intend to do is : I have in total 4 electrical setups to place tl tubes
in so I can maximal use 4 tubes at once. I think that is necessary for the
But the main problem is that I am not sure which tubes to use.
I now use for other plants: Day light tubes and growlux tubes.
However from an aquarium shop I heard that Grow lux is only to give the
fish a nice colour but nog so useful for plant growth.
>From somebody else I heard use : warm white and/or cool white tubes.
Now my question is: what kind of tl tubes are the most useful to overwinter
for example my Heliamphora's.
thank you
peter houtkamp