Re: How soft is soft?

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Sun, 8 Oct 1995 12:18:58 -0700

I've been using the tap water here in the Seattle area for over 10
years. In the city limits the tap is about 62 ppm and in the county
it can vary like here off a well at 110 ppm but the waters ph is high
8.0 in Seattle. I usually run out of rain water in the summer and resort to the tap. I then follow up with leaching the pots in the fall and spring
with the rain water. The only drawback to the tap water is it will break
down the peat moss faster than if I use more pure water. Nepenthes really
don't care on the water quality but a more robust plant is achieved when
pure water is used. This includes the more so called difficult plants
like N. rajah, lowii, edwardsiana, ect. If harder water is used the salts
will have an effect when used in overhead misters by building up on the
leaves surface which can reduce the amount of light reaching the leaf.
Simple cleaning and leaching will reduce the effects of the hard water.
Truly Tom Kahl/Nepenthes Club.