Re: Re: What moisture meter readings are good?

dave evans (T442119@RUTADMIN.RUTGERS.EDU)
Wed, 04 Oct 95 17:09 EDT

> From: Clarke Brunt <clarke@BRUNT.DEMON.CO.UK>
> On 2 Oct 95 at 16:39, Dean Ziyone wrote:
> > How much water should they soack in 1,2,3,3,5 cm?
> I'd expect the reading in the soil for most CP to be nearly as wet
> as if you put the probe in water. I don't think you can quantify
> just how much water a VFT should stand in - so long as the pot in in
> the water and able to draw it up by capillary action, then the
> wetness of the soil will be pretty much the same. I don't think the
> water level should be up near the soil surface, but then I haven't
> tried it.
> I guess you could let them get a bit drier in Winter, but again I
> can't quantify it.

When I saw VFT in their habitat, the soil was drier than I had expected.
They were growing in a variety of soil from 100% peat to nearly all
sand. The soil was damp to almost wet. These plants were very healthy
and growing huge traps and the leaves on all plants were upright. In-
fact, I think that if VFT is growing with it's traps laying on the
ground it could be happier. VFT likes the soil to be "drier" than
Sarracenia but will still do well in those conditions. If you're
worried that your plants will dry-out then keep 'em in water trays,
but they will probably like it better if keep slighty drier.

Dave Evans

P.S. These plants had just set seed and I noticed no difference
between those which had flowered and those that had not. I've
heard/read that flowering saps VFT's strength but I saw nothing to
support this. Sure while the plant is sending up a flowerstalk
you're going to get a few less traps but so what? It does not
weaken the plant.