Re: Moisture Readings

John Walker (
Wed, 4 Oct 1995 09:57:25 -0700

> What would the moisture reading be in the soil of a Venus Fly Trap
>using one of those foot long moisture meters. What would be the driest
>moisture reading on the meters scale 1-10 . 10 is wet.
> Regular plants I water when they dry out to 3.
> How much water should they soack in 1,2,3,3,5 cm?
I had never thought of using a moisture meter with VFT's so I got mine out,
dusted it off, and gave it a try. It pegged at 10. I simply place my pots
of VFT's in half an inch of water and let them soak up what they need. I
don't keep them any drier or wetter and they are doing fine (except for the
little aphids or whatever they are).

John Walker