Pinguicula 'Golden Wall'

Tue, 3 Oct 1995 08:14:00 -0400


Earlier this year I sent a question to the list to see if
anyone knew what a 'new Pinguicula' called 'Golden Wall'
was. I now have some more information on this if anyone is

The Background to this is a nursery in the UK has been
distributing a plant by the name of Pinguicula Golden Wall
over the course of this year - I am told that the plant
originated from Alfred Lau and is being mass produced in
Holland. I got to see a few plants of this supposed
'new species/ new hybrid' this weekend and it turns out to
be the large Pinguicula from Ayautla Mexico ( I believe some
American growers call it Pinguicula 'gigantea'). This plant
has been the subject of articles appearing in CPN Vol 22
No's 1&2, and IPSG Newsletter No3.

Does anyone know if this 'Golden Wall' plant is being
distributed under this name in other countries besides the

The Ayautla plant is certainly interesting forming very
large rosettes of leaves that have glands on the undersides
of the leaves like P.longifolia and P.vallisnerifolia. The
plant is otherwise similar to P.agnata with apparently
similar flowers though some people consider it to be a
separate species. Jan - are you sufficiently familiar with
this Ayautla plant to have an opinion on this?

So if you're offered a Pinguicula Golden Wall or see one on
a plant list it is the plant that has been circulating for a
few years now as either Pinguicula Sp. 'Ayautla' or P.