extinct nepenthes

Marc Peake (mpeake@ib.cdu.itg.telecom.com.au)
Fri, 29 Sep 1995 16:41:52 CST

Hello all,

I read somewhere that there are some Nepenthes species that are
now extinct, and I was hoping someone out there might know

a) what species of Nepenthes exactly are extinct.
b) are they extinct because:
no living specimens exist at all; or no living specimens remain
in the wild (but are maybe still in cultivation)?
c) are there other cp species that are also already extinct?

It is such a terrible shame to think that there are species of this
beautiful genus that are no longer with us. I just hope that what
remains of their natural habitats can be protected from destruction and field
collection (in fact the same goes for _all_ endagered species, cps, other
plants, animals, and yes, even fungi :).