Clarke Brunt (
Wed, 27 Sep 1995 20:56:04 +0100

On 26 Sep 95 at 19:54, Edmund Lee Jon Deoon wrote:
> I have been following the discussions on
> VFTs and I think am now quite confident about trying to grow some but I
> dont have much info on the sarrs and droseras. Are they as finicky as the
> VFTs, and do they need the dormant periods as much? Also how do you think
> they will handle high humidity and tropical temps throughout the year?

I wouldn't even describe VFTs as 'finicky' - OK they have a few
special requirements, but so do many plants. Sarrs are all pretty
similar in their requirements, and whatever suits a VFT will
probably do. There are Drosera for all purposes, from hardy ones
to tropical ones - many are extremely easy.

Your climate might be a problem - someone else will have to advise.
I think I'm lucky in that a greenhouse in England seems to be
ideal for CPs. I always think that more fuss is made about
'dormancy' in VFTs than is deserved, but maybe that's because it's
not a problem in my climate. I just leave them in the greenhouse in
Winter - temperature minimum maybe 45F/7C, and they just sit there,
still with leaves, but hardly growing. Certainly no digging up,
defoliating, keeping in refrigerators, or anything like that.

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