Wed, 27 Sep 1995 07:38:24 -0300

Hello All:

My name is Rand Nicholson and I live in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada
where I operate a small business. As a
rapidly-becoming-more-serious-CP-hobbiest, I have been growing CP's
(successfully) for about 6 years. Longer, if you count the ones I have put
through what must have been agonizingly slow deaths. We must get sellers to
put more cultural information on their "novelty" CP products.

I am so pleased and relieved to find a forum such as this, because, for the
longest time, I have felt like I was growing CPs in an information vacuum.
One can only get so much from a book. I have Nepenthes, Sarracenias,
Drosera, and VFTs. Oh, and one very tiny, extremely slow growing
_Heliamphora heterodoxa_, which is working on it's third minute juvenile
pitcher since germination approx. six months ago. Except for one _Nepenthes
alata_ and the VFTs, all the plants have been grown from seed in an
apartment. Most go outdoors in the Spring and are brought indoors in the
Fall (anytime now) to meet dormancy requirements in a refrigerator, or to
rest in a cool, moderately bright window.

Anyone who has any comments upon the care and cultivation of the
Heliamphora, please feel free to send them. They will be most welcomed. My
main resource for growing CPs is the Pietropaolos' book "Carnivorous Plants
of the World." I am also a member of the International Carnivorous Plant
Society and a strong believer in the preservation of CP species.

My next goal is to acquire a Cephalotus, either plant or seed.

Good growing,

Rand Nicholson